My fight for personal and global health

“Life doesn’t hurt, it just makes you feel it”.

We all live, love, laugh, cry & feel.  We all have our stories.

This page is dedicated to my Periamma. Her home was a place of solace for me, where life was simple and whole. By telling my story, I hope to feel whole, like I did there, in that special place.

I am going to tell it as it comes to me, which won’t be in any natural order – it will just be my memories, thoughts, feelings. The rest is up to you.  

If you are hungry I will
bake some bread for you
If you are worried I will
hold your head for you

If you can’t sleep at night I will
screen your dreams for you

And if you feel uptight I will
make everything alright for you.

If the key don’t work / knock on the door
If the key don’t work / knock on the door
no matter how far away you seem I am always
here at home


  1. I agree that writing is very healing..I love to do it myself thank you for sharing Rajiv, this is beautiful.

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